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  • Wed 25th Oct 2017 - 12:34pm

    The online bully employs a strategy that keeps the other players Lottery Dominator Review guessing as to what would be his next move. The online poker bully applies the pressure when and where it is needed. The online poker bully is always a step ahead of his opponents. Just a note of caution, however, do not mistake a poker bully for someone who just keeps on betting without having a reason. That, my friends, is a maniac - someone who is playing without knowing what he is doing.

    The idea behind being an online poker bully is not to go crazy at the table. You still have a plan, you have a goal. You are merely showing the others at the table that you know what you want and you know exactly how to get there. That may not be the case, but a little bluffing here and there would smoothen the kinks out.

    However, you must bear in mind that your decisions should be good decisions. A poker bully has to be well grounded in the basics. You cannot just proclaim yourself a bully if you know next to nothing about poker. So the bottom line is, hone and sharpen your skills. That way, you'll have something to back you up when you go around bullying other online players
    Of course you have all heard about Doyle Brunson, right? One or two of you guys out there probably even idolize this poker great - I sure do. Well, I ran across something he wrote just the other day at Poker Player. Coming from a man of his great experience, the thoughts expressed in the article were really provoking and insightful.

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