TopicKnowledge Does Not Equal Power

  • Thu 12th Oct 2017 - 11:07am

    Develop your skills. Testing your skills on new challenges is a The Manifestation Millionaire Review great way to boost confidence and get valuable feedback about what works and what doesn't. My mentor Ali Brown often quotes, There is no failure, just feedback.So if that marketing strategy flops, or you have to cancel a course, or you are in the red again this month it all counts in showing you the way. And those ski dynamos whizzing down the hill? You can be sure that they've fallen down at least one hundred times more than you to get that good.

     Use good gear. Your equipment has limitations, just like your body and skills do. Every time we hire (cheap) gear, we whine the whole time about things not fitting properly, a buckle missing here, a strap broken there. It makes the whole experience a bit of a struggle. Don't skimp on getting the good gear it will make life so much easier (and safer!) when you get going. Make sure you have the right computer, printer, fax, and so on to do the job you envision. Cheating here will only lead to frustration and angst.

     Make sure you've also got the right tools for the job. There is an incredible difference between a back country ski and a resort telemark ski the former allows you hours of trekking but struggles in carving turns in deep powder, while the latter sweeps down a hill with magical grace, but is a horror trudging up hills. You can't make diamonds out of cow dung, so pick the right tools for the job: when I invested in a proper shopping cart and bought a merchant account, all my previous angst simply dissolved as things just worked properly. No more bouncing emails, or customer complaints they couldn't process the order form. All gone with a simple upgrade.

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