TopicMake Money Betting on Sports

  • Mon 6th Feb 2017 - 10:29am

    What is the 2% doing to win at sports betting? When I first started to bet on sports I really thought I had a handle on things and thought how hard can it be. Boy did I find out the hard way and that means losses that totaled over $2-3000 the first year. It was the same thing Don’s Daily Tips Review the second year too. But then I soon founded out through my trials, errors, and research what the common denominator was between people that won consistently betting on sports.

    What it would do for your bankroll if you knew the exact things the professional sports bettors were doing to make a living.

    Well there are 4 very important strategies that those winners are all doing.

    1. The winners have access to winning sports picks.

    2. They implement some form of bankroll management.

    3. They use proven sports betting systems.

    4. They set goals and a plan and NEVER deviate from them.

    These 4 steps seem very easy when you see them but not one of the losing 98% are doing all four in any at all.

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