Topic The Recommended Foods For Diabetics Based on the Food Pyramid

  • Tue 12th Jun 2018 - 12:31pm

    If you are diabetic or the father/mother of a diabetic child, you  Type 2 Diabetes Defeated Review might notice excess loss of weight. This is explained by the inability of the body to use glucose as a source of energy and instead your body starts burning your fat and muscle. Other symptoms that you may experience include tingling in the hands and feet, decreased immunity (small abscesses and burning urination due to infection may be the first symptoms of diabetes. ), blurred vision due to excess glucose in the fluid of the eye, and loss of erection in men or the absence of monthly periods in women.

    Do you suffer from distress, fatigue, frustration, anger and feelings of depression? If so, you are fairly typical of people with diabetes.

    Most people with diabetes experience high levels of distress because of the amount of hands-on time that diabetes requires. Also, fears and concerns about future complications, as well as keeping up with new medications and treatment options, can create additional stress.

    Diabetes patients with symptoms of depression generally have poor management of their diet, physical activity, medications and blood glucose monitoring, studies show. They also report more family conflict, have more contact with the healthcare system and have a higher level of diabetes complications.

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