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  • Tue 12th Jun 2018 - 8:35am

    What can you say that would grab their attention? You 30×30 Total Transformation Review can surprise them with a startling statement or any statement that will gain their curiosity. You can say something that is surprising such as "I love you and I think you want me". This is very shocking and surprising. If this does not get their attention, than I don't know what will.

    Some people gain attention by telling a story, a joke, a complement or just saying something crazy. The stories you tell should be surprising and captivating.. draw the listeners into your story. You want to customize your story to the individual that you are speaking to and make them seem as if they are the character in your story.

    When you first meet a stranger you can offer them a compliment and follow that compliment with a question. You could say " I like your dress, where did you get it?" Following up a compliment with a question allows the person to think you are genuine.

    You want that individual to feel special that you are giving them your utmost attention. You want to give them a feeling that the time they spend with you would be a good time. You also want them to know that your time is valuable and they should appreciate the fact that you are spending time with them. Remember feelings are emotional. People like to feel acknowledged and appreciated.

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