TopicHaving Light During a Survival Situation

  • Thu 2nd Feb 2017 - 6:15am

    The Lost Ways

    When you are lost and alone, darkness can cause huge problems for you. The mind can become fearful not knowing what is around you when dark and alone. It's important to have a light source available when putting together your survival kit that you take with you each time you hike or go into the woods just in case.

    One of the most common forms of lighting is the flashlight. These do work well but tend to run out of batteries. There are two options. The first is to keep extra batteries with you as a just in case measure. The second is to buy a flash light that is self powered. Some can be shaken or cranked to generate the power they need which gives one almost perpetual lighting. A flashlight doesn't provide the greatest lighting but it's better than nothing. It's a good idea to bring a smaller, spare flashlight because the primary one could break in an accident.

    Another source of light is your fire starting equipment. It's not always easy to start a fire but if you carry a few methods to start a fire, you should be able to get one built. A fire will provide you with a secondary source of light. For one who is alone a fire is rather comforting because most things out in the wild are going to avoid the camp fire that you build. It's not as direct light as what a flash light is but will light up the whole area. You need to make sure you actually know how to build one.

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