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  • Tue 17th Apr 2018 - 6:35am

    He came to my clinic weekly for about a month for massage Venorex and yoga. Almost three years on, the symptoms have never returned. The message is that one must always investigate such symptoms and, if possible, give nature a chance to heal the body before rushing to drastic measures. I have detailed similar cases involving unusual back and neurological problems in my Ultimate Back Book.

    I am a dancer in my 20s and for more than a year have suffered from terrible itching of my lower legs. I have tried not shaving, not wearing anything synthetic, not using perfumed soap or creams (using instead E45, Eucerin, calamine lotion and olive oil), avoiding heaters - everything imaginable. The itching is more along the shins and sides. I massage with grapefruit and fennel aromatherapy oils every evening and raise the legs for 20 minutes. Could the problem be hormonal (I don't take the pill) or dietary-related? The itching is unbearable, and once I start scratching I can't stop, even if the skin starts to bleed.

    To determine the exact nature of your skin condition, wish I could see the affected area of your legs which leads to this unbearable itching. A common cause is varicose veins, which are usually located in the shins and inner sides of the calves, as you describe. They itch because their walls are overstretched and the nerves pick up the irritation. When people stand up, the veins swell and cause more irritation to the nerve endings. However, I am doubtful whether this is your problem since you are a dancer and use your legs a lot. Massage is helpful, as are the grapefruit and fennel oils you use. The key is to massage the legs downwards from the groin area and along the areas of the itch, squeezing the calves then letting go. This releases the tension there and allows the deep vein to function better. In turn, it reduces the stress on superficial veins so drat the irritation stops;

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