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  • Mon 16th Apr 2018 - 12:31pm

    Men love it when their women are graceful, feminine and soft. Somehow, a  The Siren Solution  rough and tough woman put them off. Women have a way of making them feel strong and macho. A gentle woman brings out the protective instinct in a man. They need to be your knight in shining armor and when given the chance to be one - they are thrilled!

    An intelligent woman can be stimulating and exciting to men. Most often men are not captivated by sheer looks and physical beauty. They instinctively look for something more! They expect women to be able to hold their own in any company, converse intelligently and be smart!

    Men are fascinated by what women can do with their hair! Whether they curl, braid, or tie it in a saucy ponytail, it works! There is something sexy about a woman with fresh, shining hair. Men generally love running their hands through her hair. A woman who sports a stylish or saucy look because of her hairstyle is sure to make a few hearts beat faster.

    There is nothing that endears a woman to a man more than her honesty and fidelity. Once a man knows that his woman is loyal to him, he will do anything to keep her. Infidelity is one of the worst traits a woman can have and she is sure to lose her man eventually because of it. Stay loyal and honest and you can be sure that he will love you.

    Men love women who are eager and willing to please. This may sound controlling and selfish but it is true. The more the women is willing to cater to his needs - mental, emotional and physical the more he loves her.

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