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    We've known for years, the calcium benefits that milk provides, as well Adrena Thrive Review as being an acceptable source of protein. However, not until the last few years, has research proven the fat loss benefits of drinking milk following a workout.

    Weight lifting and resistance training work muscles to the point of fatigue. The hours following a workout give the muscles time to begin rebuilding. Drinking a glass of milk fortifies the muscles and bones and accelerates the restoration process.

    If the taste of milk doesn't appeal to you, consider adding a flavoring to make it more appetizing. But if allergies keep you from enjoying milk, you'll probably have to select a soy brand, instead. Depending on your needs, try to find an acceptable substitute that still offers these muscle-building benefits.

    At least 30 minutes a day is all it takes to stay in shape and give your body the exercise that it needs. The best formula for fitness is to workout six days a week, alternating aerobics and resistance training. This combination of exercise allows the body to build the endurance and strength needed for everyday tasks of a healthy lifestyle.

    There is much to love about tomatoes, and at one time they were even thought to be the fruit of love because they were believed to have aphrodisiac powers. The French actually called the tomato d'amour or love apple.

    In America it took longer for the tomato to become a popular menu item. The tomato is a member of the nightshade family, so some considered it to be poisonous. By the 1800s, however, it was considered safe to eat and was used more and more for cooking.

    Although the tomato is thought of as a vegetable, in reality it is the berry fruit of a vine native to South America and was known to the Aztecs who called it xitomatl, a generic word for any small fruit such as berries. As it eventually moved northward into the Central Americas, they called it tomati.

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