Topic Diet For Body Building - How to Eat For Bigger Muscles

  • Fri 13th Apr 2018 - 8:35am

    However, your genetic make up and body type WILL influence how Xtreme No  long it takes you to gain muscle. The 3 main body types are:

    Ectomorph - Naturally slim build, struggles to gain weight and muscle - usually have a higher metabolic rate. Known as hardgainers.

    Mesomorph - Naturally bigger more muscular build. These tend to make the better bodybuilders (Arnie was a classic mesomorph), and gain muscle a lot quicker.

    Endomorph - Slightly more rounder physique, tending to a pear-shape. Endomorph's gain weight quickly but struggle to maintain low body fat percentage.

    As you can see your body type will influence the how long it takes to gain muscle. Note that every body type can gain amazing amounts of muscle, but the key is in finding the right routine and diet to suit your body type...there is no one size fits all.

    How Much Experience Do You Have?

    If you are new to weight training, exercise, and muscle gaining programs then you will gain muscle faster than someone who has been doing it for a while or had some experience before.

    This is because your body is responding to the sudden change in circumstances, and so it has to adapt. The key is in keeping those gains consistent and avoiding a plateau that some folks go through when their workout becomes stale.

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