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  • Thu 12th Apr 2018 - 3:01pm

    To keep the mental muscles firm and toned, do some Neuro67 Review mental activities. You will notice that the brain is much like writing. When in school or in the office, writing is second nature, you don't need to think to write. But when the time comes when you get off writing totally for a long period of time, like a summer vacation, the first time you attempt to write nothing seems to go right, it is a little awkward at first. This is exactly how the brain is it needs its exercise through mental workouts (crossword puzzles, essay writing, reading politics, etc.)

    The brain also needs a good steady diet. Brain food is in the form of reading and assimilation of information. One way to make the imaginative aspect of the mental muscles work is to let it work, imagine. If reading a book will stimulate the imagination, then read. If it takes to doing crafts to wake up the long unused muscles of creativity, then do some art.

    For those who feel that they are getting old and their mental muscles are getting a little flabby, there is such a thing as education. Simply because one is of retirement age does not mean that the brain still cannot have a workout. Anyway, getting an education at a mature age makes one feel younger and more agile.

    The brain is like a muscle, it needs food, a good steady dose of nutrition and a good workout. When stagnant, it can start to suffocate on its own mushiness and needs to sweat a little bit. Give your brain a mental workout and make sure that you are alert at all times because when the brain wakes up after a long sleep, it can just be very active.


  • Fri 27th Jul 2018 - 3:16pm

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