Topic Nutrition - The Important Essence to Fitness Training

  • Thu 12th Apr 2018 - 10:09am

    When it comes to a child's dose of omega three (omega 3), it is not Meridian Health Protocol Review only the amount that is important. With so many oils available, you need to know what to look for to ensure your child gets the right one.

    There are no national guidelines for fish oil but health experts recommend one 1000mg capsule a day for children from 2 -8 and one or two a day after that. The capsule should contain around 50% omega 3 fats to be effective.

    Using only pure oils is essential for children as many contain traces of contaminants from the fish like mercury and lead which can build up over time in the body as their immune systems are not fully formed.

    Unless the fish is proven to be pure like the New Zealand Hoki and comes with a Certificate of Analysis to prove it, it should be molecularly distilled. This removes all the toxins and leaves only a pure, safe and concentrated oil with higher levels of omega 3.

    You can test the purity by cutting open a capsule and smelling - you should only get a faint ocean aroma and this makes it easier for the child to take it. If they can't swallow yet, then simply do what I do and open them up and pour into their morning drink or onto food!

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