Topic A Lifestyle Change is the Easy Way to Lose Weight

  • Thu 12th Apr 2018 - 6:39am

    Shift the time of day you eat any carbohydrate. As I stated earlier Thyromine carbohydrates are good energy foods but what happens to carbs that you eat when your energy requirements are low? The answer is they get converted to stored energy which of course is FAT. Eat carbs during the day when energy needs are high and avoid them at night when your body does not need as much energy.

    It is absolutely without a doubt a nice treat to go out once in a while for a lunch or dinner. No need to worry about preparation or clean up. It's all about enjoying the environment and the company you are with. However with North America most restaurants tend to over feed us and we are accustomed to the thought of finishing everything on our plate. Isn't that what we were raised to do? If it's not the amount on the plate that is pushing the number up on our scales then it's the calories we consume in these meals that add up.

    People are putting on body fat at an alarming rate as a result of decreased activity and increased caloric daily intake. Part of the problem is that when people eat out on a regular basis the calories are easy to get out of control. Now if you are required to meet up with clients for meetings at lunch's and dinner's then my suggestion is to ALWAYS order a house salad with a light vinaigrette on the SIDE. Stay away from heavy cream sauces and fried foods. I encourage you to eat grilled salmon or chicken with your salad. I've done some research and at particular middle end restaurants certain appetizers were as high as 1200 calories! I don't know if this will shock you but it put me off my chair when I saw some entrées can be as high as 1800 calories!

  • Fri 27th Jul 2018 - 3:22pm

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