TopicYou're Fired! The Words I Strive to Hear From Every Employer

  • Thu 12th Apr 2018 - 6:35am

    Surely you have noticed we are moving from an industrial economy, working with our hands doing manual labor, High Performance Leadership  into what has been called the "Knowledge" economy, using our minds to do our work. It has been stated that over 75% of the US working population is now primarily involved in this knowledge based economy. As this shift happens knowledge and information is becoming more and more valuable.

    Peter Drucker, the management guru, talked about moving into this knowledge economy. He even coined the term "Knowledge Worker". He also said there was a big opportunity to those who create the new education system, the next model of education. This next model of education is being created right now within the online information product industry.

    What does this mean to your business or if you are an entrepreneur? Your customers and potential customers are looking for information about your product before making a buying decision. The internet is filled with product review sites. Amazon, eBay and most larger product sites encourage their customers to write reviews on the products they purchase. And if you look closely, most of these sites suggest other related products that customers have purchased. And those products have reviews as well.



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