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  • Wed 11th Apr 2018 - 10:37am

    An abdominal strain is fairly common in athletes and active populations because this group of muscles is constantly  Zeta Clear Review engaged to keep the athlete's core tight so that the athlete can perform and execute skills using his/her extremities and/or total body. Strong and healthy abdominal muscles only enhance an athlete's performance. However, injure these muscles, and the athlete will have significant difficulty trying to perform.

    Who gets an abdominal strain?

    Athletes more susceptible to an abdominal strain are those in sports that require strong rotational movements or flexion/hyperextension movements. They are usually acute (traumatic) injuries seen in athletes in the sports of baseball, softball, basketball, gymnastics, and track and field.

    What causes abdominal strains?

    'The most common causes of abdominal strains are sudden twisting (i.e., swinging a bat) or sudden hyperextension of the spine (i.e., as seen during dynamic gymnastics movements)' (Anderson, M.K., Hall, S.J., & Martin, M., 2005).

    If the force of the movement is stronger than the fibers of the muscles can withstand, the muscle will begin to stretch. If the force continues, the fibers may begin to tear. Continued force could cause a complete rupture within the muscle or between the muscle and its fascial attachment.


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