TopicTips To Grow Taller - You Can Grow Taller Naturally Following Few Tips

  • Tue 13th Mar 2018 - 12:03pm

    Even a guy who is the dullest light bulb in the box can JRHONEST tell if a woman is lying about her age by her hands-and other things if his eyes are good, but those liver spots are the first item on his list. The neck also has its tale to tell; the sagging chin skin and blotchy patches will be contrasted by a well cared for facial complexion. That glowing façade has gone to waste-or has it? All is not lost, so there's no need to dig out that college scarf; it would only look silly in July anyway. There is an answer for the chin skin if it's really saggy, and that's surgery, so if our lady has less money than sense, she is off to Thailand for a holiday op, in a hospital that resembles the Dubai Hilton.

    Let's get back to the hands. As you get older your skin pigments don't distribute as evenly as they once did and they gather in patches-hence the brown spots. Nobody knows for sure why this occurs, but the easy way out is to blame the sun.

    Okay, now for the cure or rather the helping hand by way of HYDROQUINONE, a bleaching agent and slightly more classy than your average toilet bleach-it's too expensive to use in the privy anyway.
    As an adult the only vegetable I have discarded is the potato; well, not completely, but I only have a baked potato occasionally since I read that as it's mostly starch, which will turn to sugar. But sweet potatoes have taken King Edwards place in my life, and in small portions there are no ill effects on my waistline.


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